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... is a lean Grahpical User Interface (GUI).

... is a multiplatform shared library.

... is made for Linux, macOS and Windows.

... offers one GUI and one C sourcecode for three systems.

Fields of use:

With the Geeonx shared library and GeeonxCreator the interface of your application is created fast and easily. You can concentrate yourself on the features of your program and let Geeonx manage the GUI. Therefore Geeonx is suited to decrease the development time of you applications. Geeonx is a good choice for:

Desktop applications


Embedded systems


screenshot small

GeeonxDemo running on Windows 10.

screenshot small

GeeonxCreator running on Xubuntu Linux.

screenshot small

GeeonxCreator running on Xubuntu Linux.

screenshot small

GeeonxDemo running on macOS Catalina.


Creating a text editing window with GeeonxCreator on Xubuntu

GeeonxDemo on macOS Catalina

GeeonxDemo bitmap drawing on Xubuntu

Documentation and Download:

Get a quick guide to Geeonx programming and Geeonx Creator.

Get GeeonxCreator and library for Windows 10 64 bit as installer exe.

Get GeeonxCreator and library as 64 bit deb package.

Get and support Geeonx on


July 2021 - Library update providing bitmap objects.

June 2020 - Linux deb package and Windows 64 bit installer available.


Geeonx is a multiplatform GUI-library for C programming language. You write one C sourcecode and compile it on Windows, macOS and Linux. With the tool GeeonxCreator you design one interface for the three main operating systems. Geeonx releases the developer from all redrawing tasks.

Geeonx draws and updates all GUI-elements like windows, pulldown-menus, icons, inputforms and buttons of your application that you have created before with the tool GeeonxCreator.

With the tool GeeonxCreator you are able to design all GUI-elements of your application. Geeonx stores the data of each and every GUI element in a corresponding Geeonx object. GeeonxCreator stores the GUI data into a *.gee and *.gew file. The Geeonx shared library will take over all drawings of GUI elements inclusive window content. The library will also handle all window, button or input events. For example with Geeonx your are able to create forms for the input of text by the user.

Hence it is very easy to program applications with windows, buttons and icons. For example to alter the content of a window you just change the text_string linked with the structure of the Geeonx_object. With the call of the function gee_draw_all_objects() the whole interface of the application will be updated.

The Geeonx library is written in C programming language and offers an API for the use with C/C++. You can create GUI applications for Linux, macOS and Windows with an identical sourcecode. For Mac-users geeonx offers the opportunity to do GUI programming in gcc-style.


Geeonx Library and GeeonxCreator can be used free of charge for private and business purposes according to corresponding EULAs (EULA Library and EULA Creator). Please ask also for the conditions of OEM-Licenses.


A computer with a x86-cpu with LINUX 64 bit, macOS/Mac OS X Snow Leopard or higher or Windows 10 64 bit.